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Video HD 16:9, colour, sound, 11'34''
Production Royal College of Art, London

Through fragmented narrative and dance performance, Image of a City explores the tangible relationship between architecture and the body. It associates the language of choreography and dance notation to personal fictions about the political and domestic aspects of our culture. Sequences of movements reveal action and interaction of the body in space on one hand and substantiality and inertia on the other.
Image of a City aims to question the driving forces of human desires in our society.

Image of a City explore la relation entre le corps et l’architecture. A mesure que la chorégraphie s’élabore, la voix-off narre un texte regroupant des commentaires et des récits personnels sur les aspects de la vie domestique et politique dans notre culture. Image of a City pose la question des forces motrices des désirs humains dans notre société et comment ils semblent être les pourvoyeurs de mythes contemporains.

Villa Arson, Nice FR