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Ed. 100, Unspoken We (group show publication), W139, Amsterdam NL

Merged Diaries is a diary text and photo collages made out of a combination of Ninna Bohn Pedersen’s diary and mine and snap shot images we have taken and send to each other in the past years.
The group show Unspoken We reflects on the conditions of synergy by doing away with attempts of prior unification. Instead, assembling a narrative from scattered chapters where each character, space, word and page is a potential pollutant to the others. Influenced by the inconsistencies carried by each of its members Unspoken We lays bare the broken storylines and the inevitable gaps and black holes of translation and miscommunication.The exhibition dives beneath the surface of our cosmetic selves in order to manipulate and produce the flesh and bones of the non-homogenous and far from perfect body of the collective.